Operation MILF, Week 1: Do You

Over the weekend the hubs and I decided to do something about our health.  Maybe it was prompted by the trip to the Chinese Buffet, or maybe it was the visit to Hurts Donut…there’s really no telling. But in any event, we’ve been talking about getting our butts back in gear for months, but finally took action this week. Well, […]

Some People Aren’t Worth It

  Sometimes you run into those people in your lifetime who you just can’t quite understand how they have survived this far. Whether it’s because they’re mind-numbingly dumb, or they take 1st place in the rude race, or they are 100% certifiably crazy. In real estate I come across just about every kind of person there is. And of course that […]

Back On Track, Post-Baby

 After an almost 9-month hiatus from consistent workouts (babies are the best and worst excuses ever!), I have decided to ramp things up a bit so as to not be fat. That’s my workout goal and always has been – to not be fat. Seems basic enough and doesn’t require anything too too hasty, yet I’ve gained and lost the […]

Fur-babies after Real-babies

  My hubby and I got Otto for free from a friend whose dog had puppies they were trying to find homes for. We knew we wanted a dog but wanted to wait a bit longer – we are planners, after all, and we didn’t have a fence at the house yet. Buuuuuut, there were these puppieeeeees and they neeeeeeeded […]