Operation MILF, Week 11

Just keeping up with my weekly “fitness” blogs, if you can call ’em that if I’m only fitnessing about 75% of the time.  😛 Monday 9/28– I’ve been sick the last couple days but I really wanted to get in gear seeing as it’s Monday and I’m not getting any thinner by slacking off. So I hit the gym and […]

Operation MILF, Week…10?

Sooo…yeah…been a few weeks. Oops. I have a myriad of excuses I could list out but I’m too lazy at the moment. I will just say I’ve been slacking a lil bit here and there, and doing work other heres and theres. With 1 being a total utter fat@$$ and 10 being the Stepford wife of health & fitness, I’ve […]

Operation MILF: Week 6: Know You

I’ve been thinking about my diet philosophy, and the more I think about it the more I like it. Well, I’m not saying I’m the Aristotle of weight-loss or anything, but I have lost the same 20 pounds like, 3 times, so I THINK I know what I’m talking about. :p  And honestly, I only know what I’m talking about […]

Operation MILF, Week 2: Choose You

I haven’t been into weekend workouts these days, or workouts at all for that matter, but now that I’ve found some shred of motivation and the hubs as my health-buddy, the last couple weeks have been chock-full of workouts and calorie counting, and the weekend was no exception. Also, I gotta give a shout out to my friend Erin who […]