Lightened Up Eggs Benedict Recipe

A Lightened Up Eggs Benedict Recipe to Try at Home Love Eggs Benedict but don’t love “spending” almost an entire day’s worth of calories first thing in the morning?  Give this lightened up eggs benedict recipe a try for your next brunch in! You’ll save yourself some calories and some cash. Not to mention the hassle of putting on a […]

No, I Didn’t Let Myself Go.

Disheveled hair, scraggly eyebrows, jagged nails, stinky armpits, hairy legs, squishy body, downtrodden eyes, sleepy demeanor, annoyed attitude. That’s me now. I used to be fun. Funny, even. I used to smile a lot. I had goals and a job. My hair and body were regularly washed and groomed. I worked out and counted calories or macros to maintain a […]

Depression and Rage: Not Your Normal Motherhood Bullshit 

“I’ll be fine.” “Nah, I’m ok.” “I’m just tired.” “Oh, I’ll get over it.” “It’ll get easier.” Sound familiar?  Of course it does…you’re a mom.  Some days this is the kind of stuff you say, either in a moment of desperation to motivate yourself or as reassurance to a concerned friend.  And it’s totally normal. Every now and then you […]