I Love You Even When…

  I saw this book at Sam’s Club a while back and kinda almost p!ssed myself at the title. For some reason it’s really funny to me. Because from that title my mind automatically thinks it’s a book saying, like, I hate you for all these reasons, but I still love you because I kinda have to. So I totally […]

All Mommy Needs is 45 Seconds. 

“All Mommy needs is 45 seconds.” I find myself saying this, or some variation of it, an awful lot. Usually preceded or followed by “Oh, I think you’re fine” or “I don’t think that tone is necessary.” Unfortunately, pleading with my baby boy is still fruitless even going into his 11th month. D@mn. On a typical morning I’ll hear my […]

Mommin’ Ain’t Easy. 

 I admire stay-at-home moms and moms who work full-time jobs. Either way, those moms are Wonder Women.  I am a real estate agent so I have the ability to set my own schedule…when I’m not catering to everyone else’s anyway. Not gonna lie, it’s pretty awesome some of the time. And it’s one of the reasons I got into real […]

Back On Track, Post-Baby

 After an almost 9-month hiatus from consistent workouts (babies are the best and worst excuses ever!), I have decided to ramp things up a bit so as to not be fat. That’s my workout goal and always has been – to not be fat. Seems basic enough and doesn’t require anything too too hasty, yet I’ve gained and lost the […]

Fur-babies after Real-babies

  My hubby and I got Otto for free from a friend whose dog had puppies they were trying to find homes for. We knew we wanted a dog but wanted to wait a bit longer – we are planners, after all, and we didn’t have a fence at the house yet. Buuuuuut, there were these puppieeeeees and they neeeeeeeded […]