Operation MILF, Week…10?

Sooo…yeah…been a few weeks. Oops. I have a myriad of excuses I could list out but I’m too lazy at the moment. I will just say I’ve been slacking a lil bit here and there, and doing work other heres and theres. With 1 being a total utter fat@$$ and 10 being the Stepford wife of health & fitness, I’ve […]

I Love You Even When…

  I saw this book at Sam’s Club a while back and kinda almost p!ssed myself at the title. For some reason it’s really funny to me. Because from that title my mind automatically thinks it’s a book saying, like, I hate you for all these reasons, but I still love you because I kinda have to. So I totally […]

All Mommy Needs is 45 Seconds. 

“All Mommy needs is 45 seconds.” I find myself saying this, or some variation of it, an awful lot. Usually preceded or followed by “Oh, I think you’re fine” or “I don’t think that tone is necessary.” Unfortunately, pleading with my baby boy is still fruitless even going into his 11th month. D@mn. On a typical morning I’ll hear my […]

Operation MILF: Week 6: Know You

I’ve been thinking about my diet philosophy, and the more I think about it the more I like it. Well, I’m not saying I’m the Aristotle of weight-loss or anything, but I have lost the same 20 pounds like, 3 times, so I THINK I know what I’m talking about. :p  And honestly, I only know what I’m talking about […]

Mommin’ Ain’t Easy. 

 I admire stay-at-home moms and moms who work full-time jobs. Either way, those moms are Wonder Women.  I am a real estate agent so I have the ability to set my own schedule…when I’m not catering to everyone else’s anyway. Not gonna lie, it’s pretty awesome some of the time. And it’s one of the reasons I got into real […]