Operation MILF, Week…10?

Sooo…yeah…been a few weeks. Oops. I have a myriad of excuses I could list out but I’m too lazy at the moment. I will just say I’ve been slacking a lil bit here and there, and doing work other heres and theres. With 1 being a total utter fat@$$ and 10 being the Stepford wife of health & fitness, I’ve […]

I Love You Even When…

  I saw this book at Sam’s Club a while back and kinda almost p!ssed myself at the title. For some reason it’s really funny to me. Because from that title my mind automatically thinks it’s a book saying, like, I hate you for all these reasons, but I still love you because I kinda have to. So I totally […]

All Mommy Needs is 45 Seconds. 

“All Mommy needs is 45 seconds.” I find myself saying this, or some variation of it, an awful lot. Usually preceded or followed by “Oh, I think you’re fine” or “I don’t think that tone is necessary.” Unfortunately, pleading with my baby boy is still fruitless even going into his 11th month. D@mn. On a typical morning I’ll hear my […]