75 Recipes that Use Protein-Packed Egg Whites

75 Recipes that Use Protein-Packed Egg Whites

75 Recipes that Use Protein-Packed Egg Whites

Egg whites are one of God’s gifts to macro trackers. They’re up there with shrimp, cod, nonfat dairy, and beef jerky. One 46g, 25-calorie serving has zero carbs, zero fat, and 5g of protein. Sign me up! 

Cartoned egg whites are the best things since sliced bread.  No messy yolks. No misty white chicken fetus. No chasing microscopic bits of eggshell around the bowl with your finger tip.

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It is crazy simple to throw together a filling, delicious, low-cal, high-protein meal with egg whites.

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Egg whites are more versatile than you might think. They’re not limited to use in typical egg-oriented breakfast recipes. There are plenty of foods with ingredient lists that include egg whites. I know because I scoured the internet for the 75 Recipes that Use Protein-Packed Egg Whites below. And there are still so many more out there!

Why Eat Egg Whites?

Before I give you 75 Recipes that Use Protein Packed Egg Whites, let me explain why egg whites are fabulous. Egg whites quickly and easily pack protein into your meals and snacks. And they bring down the total calories and overall fat content of a variety of dishes compared to using whole eggs. Check it out:

Whole Egg vs Egg White Nutrition Comparison

Whole Egg, Large70156
Egg white, from Large Egg170.20.13.6
Whole egg vs Egg white only nutrition comparison

That being said, I don’t claim every recipe on the list below to be health conscious or macro-friendly. You can, and should, swap ingredients here and there to better suit your nutritional goals.

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Examples: nonfat yogurt instead of full fat, reduced fat cream cheese instead of full fat, turkey or chicken sausage instead of pork, light mayo instead of regular, or using less avocado/cheese/bacon than a recipe calls for, etc.

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In addition to tweaking a recipe to better fit your dietary needs, mindful portion control is a beautiful thing. Especially when you’re trying to lose weight while enjoying indulgences along the way. Keep an eye on nutrition fact labels and portion size, and you can make any food fit your goals.

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With that in mind, here’s a collection of recipes that put egg whites to good use! 75 Recipes that Use Protein-Packed Egg Whites:


Breakfast: Savory

  1. Microwaved fluffy egg whites*
  2. Egg white omelette in a mug
  3. Egg white scramble*
  4. Fluffy egg white omelette*
  5. Breakfast quesadilla*
  6. Egg white and avocado breakfast sandwich
  7. Turkey sausage, spinach, and egg white wrap*
  8. Tex-mex egg white breakfast wrap
  9. Egg white breakfast burrito*
  10. Egg white patty breakfast tacos
  11. Egg white and turkey sausage casserole with sweet potato crust
  12. Bacon egg white breakfast pizza*
  13. Egg white breakfast muffins
  14. Veggie egg white bites
  15. Copycat Starbucks egg white bites
  16. 5-ingredient egg white frittata
  17. Spinach, feta, and tomato egg white frittata
  18. Crustless egg white quiche
  19. Broccoli egg white waffles
  20. Copycat Starbucks spinach & feta wrap
  21. Copycat McDonald’s egg white delight breakfast sandwich*
  22. Breakfast egg rolls
  23. Air fryer ham and egg roll ups*

Breakfast: Sweet

  1. Egg white oatmeal*
  2. Protein pumpkin oatmeal
  3. Chocolate pumpkin egg white oatmeal
  4. Protein French toast*
  5. Egg white French toast
  6. Healthy pumpkin pancakes
  7. Pumpkin spice Greek yogurt pancakes
  8. High protein yogurt pancakes
  9. 2-ingredient protein crepes
  10. Egg white & oatmeal protein pancakes
  11. Banana chocolate chip pancakes
  12. Perfectly whipped egg white pancakes
  13. Low carb waffles
  14. Protein pumpkin waffles
  15. Sweet egg white omelette
  16. Sweet berry egg white cups


  1. Light egg salad cucumber boats
  2. Low calorie chaffle
  3. Egg white low carb wraps
  4. Peanut butter egg white roll up
  5.  Boiled egg white sandwich


  1. Air fryer chicken egg rolls* (this recipe actually just uses water, but you can sub egg whites for the egg wash in any egg roll recipe)
  2. Sweet and sour turkey meatballs (you can use egg whites instead of a whole egg in any meatball recipe)
  3. Upside down cheesy garlic egg white pizza
  4. Egg white pizza
  5. Egg white & oat garlic pizza crust
  6. Egg white tacos
  7. Classic make-ahead mashed potatoes


  1. Greek yogurt freddo
  2. Flourless chocolate cookies
  3. Box mix brownies made with Greek yogurt and egg whites
  4. Diet 7-up lemon blueberry cake
  5. Angel food cake
  6. Simple meringue cookies
  7. Chocolate chip meringue cookies
  8. Brown sugar meringue cookies
  9. Mocha almond egg white cookies
  10. Easy Almendrados (Meringue cupcakes)
  11. Angel food cake waffles


Yes, pasteurized egg whites can safely be added to your drinks!

  1. Peruvian pisco sour cocktail
  2. Blood orange bourbon sour cocktail
  3. Grapefruit & vodka shaken with egg whites and muddled mint
  4. Amaretto sour
  5. Dairy-free egg white eggnog
  6. Frothy orange creamsicle cocktail
  7. Triple berry protein smoothie
  8. Strawberry lime protein smoothie
  9. Mocha cappuccino protein smoothie


  1. Egg white protein powder
  2. Crispy baked onion rings
  3. Egg white mayonnaise
  4. Yolkless deviled eggs

It’s easy to get in a macro tracking rut with deli meat, protein bars, and cottage cheese. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Those food definitely have their place, and these are my favorite protein bars (10% discount and free shipping with that link – discount code SQUATTO at checkout!) Use the recipes above to sneak in protein, and without the extra fat of whole eggs. The recipes above with an asterisk next to them are ones I use or prepare variations of most often. I eat egg whites, prepared one way or another, almost every morning for breakfast! After putting together this list, I’ve got a lot more things to try!

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I hope this helps you along your own macro tracking path. Everyone’s tastes and preferences are different. Find what you like and what works for you. Discover your own go-to recipes and foods to satisfy both your taste buds and your macros. You will be unstoppable on your macro journey.

75 recipes using protein-packed egg whites
My ~1.5 year Macro Tracking Progress. Click here for full Instagram post & caption.

Once I figured out tracking macros wasn’t all protein shakes and cans of tuna (barf!), my body composition really changed in desirable ways.  Not only that, but I’m happy as a clam eating my high-protein meals and snacks day after day.  And of course, daily dessert is non-negotiable.  With macros I can fit in real, yummy desserts and junk food alongside the foods that support my fitness goals and fuel my body properly. I get the best of both worlds, and feel my best.

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macro tracking progress picture
My fitness journey progress tracking my calories and protein intake. Egg whites have been a food staple in my home since Day 1! Click here to see this photo and it’s full caption on my Instagram grid!

Thanks for reading 75 Recipes the Use Protein-Packed Egg Whites!

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