No, I Didn’t Let Myself Go.

Disheveled hair, scraggly eyebrows, jagged nails, stinky armpits, hairy legs, squishy body, downtrodden eyes, sleepy demeanor, annoyed attitude. That’s me now. I used to be fun. Funny, even. I used to smile a lot. I had goals and a job. My hair and body were regularly washed and groomed. I worked out and counted calories or macros to maintain a […]

Depression and Rage: Not Your Normal Motherhood Bullshit 

“I’ll be fine.” “Nah, I’m ok.” “I’m just tired.” “Oh, I’ll get over it.” “It’ll get easier.” Sound familiar?  Of course it does…you’re a mom.  Some days this is the kind of stuff you say, either in a moment of desperation to motivate yourself or as reassurance to a concerned friend.  And it’s totally normal. Every now and then you […]

You Might Have a One Year Old if…

I type this with my eyes ablaze with the tiredness of 1000 mothers.  Over the course of the past nearly 15-months life has undergone many changes and my psyche and physique have succumbed to the will and whim of a child.  And the kicker is, I made him.  It’s like Frankenstein’s Monster…have I learned nothing from fictional history??   I have learned lessons, […]