Macro-Friendly Fast Food Orders that Aren’t Salads – Everything Under 500 calories!

Macro-Friendly Fast Food Orders that Aren’t Salads – Everything Under 500 calories!

Macro-Friendly Fast Food Orders that Aren’t Salads – Everything Under 500 calories!

The title of this blog – Macro-friendly fast food orders that aren’t salads – is deceiving, and I’ll tell you why…FAST FOOD SALADS AREN’T MACRO-FRIENDLY! They’re so chock full of fat you’d wish you’d gotten a burger instead. Honestly.  That being said, I am not too pig headed to admit that on occasion, with the right dressing and mindful topping choices you can get a salad at a fast food restaurant that won’t break the calorie bank. But damn, that can be werk to successfully pull off.  And, I dunno about you, but when I happen to be getting fast food my taste buds aren’t exactly clamoring for a salad.

Plan ahead

Fitting fast food into your day is a lot easier when you know it’s coming.  You can peruse the menu, check out nutrition facts, and decide ahead of time what you’d like to splurge on. Plus, you can tailor the rest of your day around it with lighter meals and snacks.

Unfortunately, we don’t always have this luxury.  Busy days, impromptu errands, or quick surprise meals out with friends or co-workers happen. It helps to have some go-to orders at a few popular chains that you know won’t cost you an arm and a leg in the calorie department. Hopefully the lists and suggestions of macro-friendly fast food orders that aren’t salads (and also some salads haha) below come in handy! Be sure to Pin this post for future reference.

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General “rules”

Sometimes you can’t “go to” your go-to order because you’re going to a different fast food restaurant. For times like this, here are some dos and don’t to keep in mind when deciding what to order.

DO: grilled chicken, lighter option sauces and dressings on the side, apple slices or fruit cup sides, no cheese/mayo

DON’T: “creamy” dressings and high calorie dips, fries, extra cheese/mayo/bacon, super size, sugary drinks

These guidelines will help you keep fat and calorie damages to a minimum. They are general guidelines to help you comfortably stay on track. Please don’t take them as gospel, because you can make anything work with enough effort. These Dos and Don’ts just make it a bit easier. You can enjoy takeout meals now and then and still hit your numbers. 

Let’s talk fries

Alright. I wholeheartedly know fries are little potato sticks from heaven. They’re crispy, salty, steamy, and delicious. I will not argue that fact now, or ever.  I will also say, however, fries can also be little demons that will set your macro goals ablaze with the fire of a thousand suns.

Let me be clear – I EAT FRIES. No food is off-limits, forbidden, or “bad.” I eat French fries because I love them, but I don’t eat them often when dining out.  When given the option to order a healthier side salad with light dressing or a side of fruit instead of fries, I usually take it. If my options are fries or a bag of chips, I’ll typically get the chips, save them, and bring them home for the kids. 

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Looking at French fry macros, I legit would rather get a 2nd burger, or 6-piece nugget than a side of fries for the same (or better!) numbers.  That may not be the case for you, and that’s fine.  This is where you decide where you want to splurge.  If you’re gonna get the fries, maybe get grilled chicken instead of fried.  Or a regular hamburger instead of the Queso Smothered Sextuplet Stack Artery Clogger Beef Bombwich Burger. Or a 4-pc nugget instead of 10.

There’s all sorts of ways to balance out your desires. I guarantee you’ll still leave the meal satisfied.  Probably even more so because you’ll be proud of yourself for not being a glutton, blowing your numbers, or needing to unbutton your jeans. It’s all about balance. You can have whatever you want, just probably not every single thing you want every single time you go out.

My go-to, macro-friendly fast food orders that aren’t salads, and other lighter options, at 4 popular fast food restaurants:

McDonald’s, Chick-fil-A, Wendy’s, and Arby’s


My go-to orders: I almost always order a 6-pc nugget with 1 honey packet, and 1 or 2 orders of apple slices (see macros listed below). If I know we’re going sometimes I’ll bring my own side of raw veggies or fruit. If we’re bringing it home I’ll add that to the side when we get home.

When I’m macro-tracking and “splurging,” because there can be a big difference between tracked splurges and non-tracked splurges (LOL), I’ll go for their new Crispy Chicken Sandwich (see macros listed below). It’s very Chick-fil-A-esque, in a good, juicy way, right down to its single topping of crinkle-cut pickles. I’ll also get apple slices on the side or add my own side of fruit and/or veggies. It’s on the higher end of calories and fat for my typical meal, but it’s really good and has a good amount of protein compared to nuggets or a regular burger.

Protein is key regardless of your fitness goals. Wanna maintain, gain, or lose weight? You’re gonna need protein. I eat a protein bar or drink a protein shake nearly every day to help me hit my protein target. BUILT Bars are by far my favorite protein bars, and you can get 10% off and free shipping with this shop link (discount code SQUATTO). Get you some! CHOMPS meat sticks are also a game changer when you need an easy, portable, protein-boosting snack. Get yours here. But anyway, on with the show!

McDonald’s Burgers under 500 calories

McDouble (400 cal/33c/20f/22p)

Quarter Pounder with Cheese (520 cal/42c/26f/30p). Get it without cheese and save 50 cal/1c/4f/3p to get this under 500.

Cheeseburger (300 cal/32c/13f/15p). Hamburger (no cheese) would knock it down to 250 cal/31c/9f/12p.

Quick, easy meal for under 400 calories —  Happy Meal with Hamburger (250 cal/31c/9f/12p), kid’s fry (110 cal/15c/5f/2p), and apple slices (15 cal/4c/0f/0p). Total: 375 cal/34c/20f/16p.

McDonald’s Chicken for under 500 calories

Crispy Chicken Sandwich (470 cal/45c/20f/27p) Just the regular one, not Spicy or Deluxe.  Those options will tack on another 60 calories and 6g fat worth of special sauce and mayo, respectively. Spend those macros on some fries instead if you’re really craving them.

Chicken Nuggets (4-pc 170 cal/10c/10f/9p -OR- 6-pc 250 cal/15c/15f/14p -OR- 10-pc 420 cal/25c/25f/23p) with honey packet (50 cal/12c/0f/0p) or spicy buffalo sauce packet (30 cal/1c/3f/0p).

Quick, easy meal for under 400 calories — Happy Meal with 6-pc nugget (250 cal/15c/15f/14p), kid’s fry (110 cal/15c/5f/2p), and apple slices (15 cal/4c/0f/0p). Total: 375 cal/34c/20f/16p. Add a honey packet to dip for another 50 cal/12c/0f/0p.

McDonald’s Fries and Sides that can be worked into a sub-500 calorie meal

Kid’s Size or Small French Fry (Kid’s 110 cal/15c/5f/2p -OR- Small 220 cal/29c/10f/3p) with 1 ketchup packet (15 cal/4c/0f/0p)

Apple Slices (15 cal/4c/0f/0p) Note that this has the same macros as a ketchup packet.  Unless ketchup is a necessity for you to enjoy your meal, get a side of apples instead and fill yourself up.

Check out McDonald’s menu and nutrition calculator here. See McDonald’s dips and sauces list and nutrition here.

You’re reading Macro-friendly Fast Food Orders that Aren’t Salads.


My go-to orders: The real macro MVP at Chick-fil-A is the grilled nugs. I’ll usually get an 8- or 12-ct grilled nugget with a packet of zesty buffalo sauce. If I want a side and wasn’t able to bring one from home I’ll order a fruit cup. If I’m coming home with my order I’ll add my own veggies and/or fruit and save a few bucks.

I love Chick-fil-A’s original chicken sandwich, but I really just want the fried chicken and not necessarily the bun. The Chick-fil-A original nuggets are so good and satisfy my juicy fried chicken cravings. The other day I ordered an 8-ct grilled nug, a 5-ct regular nug, and a zesty buffalo sauce packet for just 315 calories and over 40g of protein.  I had a bag of raw veggies I packed from home on the side and dipped them in the buffalo sauce, too. YUM!

Chick-fil-A has a number of respectable options to choose from and mix-and-match to make work for your tastes and macro goals.

Chick-fil-A Grilled Chicken under 500 calories

Grilled Nuggets (8-ct 130 cal/1c/3f/25p -OR- 12-ct 200 cal/2c/4.5f/38p). I mean, check out those macros, people. Plus they’re delicious. If you have the fat to spare, you could even get a small fry with an 8-ct and get outta there for 500 calories or less with the right dipping sauce (see below).

Do not – I repeat – do NOT get Chick-fil-A sauce with anything you order. ONE stupid eensy weensy packet of that GD delicious stuff will set you back a downright insulting 140 cal/7c/13f/0p. You could get another 8-ct grilled nugget for fewer calories, a third of the fat, and a crap-ton more protein. Stick to zesty buffalo (25 cal), BBQ (45 cal), sweet & spicy sriracha (45 cal), or honey mustard (50 cal) to keep calories and fat down. Stay away from the ranch, honey roasted BBQ, cilantro lime, and polynesian sauces. The wrong sauces can quickly turn your macro-friendly fast food orders that aren’t salads turn into epic fast food macro-flops!

Grilled Chicken Sandwich (380 cal/44c/11f/28p) – this is a decent option, but when I go to an order like this I feel like I’m doing it purely for macro purposes.  Which definitely happens from time to time. Keeping to your goals isn’t always fun and games, even with flexible dieting.  There’s still the need for balance, mindfulness, and non-mindblowingly amazing meals and snacks. Sorry, not sorry. That being said, Chick-fil-A rocks a chicken sandwich, grilled or crispy.

Chick-fil-A Cool Wrap (350 cal/29c/13f/42p) – again, great macros and I’ve actually ordered this a few times and really enjoy it. But…I feel like I could make this at home and it would taste just as good, and be lower calorie. Some of the nutrition info online shows 660 calories, but that includes the Avocado Lime Ranch dressing. DON’T get the dressing. See below for more dressing info under the Salads section.

Chick-fil-A Crispy Chicken under 500 calories

Original Nuggets (5-ct 160 cal/7c/7f/17p -OR- 8-ct 250 cal/11c/11f/27p -OR- 12-ct 380 cal/16c/17f/40p) Even the 12-ct numbers are pretty good.  A 12-ct with the right sauce (see above) and a fruit cup on the side is a filling, satisfying meal for under 500 calories.

Chick-N-Strips (2-ct 200 cal/11c/9f/19p -OR- 3-ct 310 cal/16c/14f/29p -OR- 4-ct 410 cal/22c/19f/39p).  Great macros here, as far as fast food and dining out goes, and you have the option to get a 2, 3, or 4 depending on what your calories and macros for the day are looking like.  Get fruit on the side of the 4-ct and some zesty buffalo for dipping. You’re just under 500 calories, and your belly is gonna be comfortably full. Knock 100 calories off with each lower count order, and play around with the 45-60 calorie dipping sauces (see above) if those sound yummier to you than wing sauce. 

Chicken Sandwich (440 cal/41c/17f/29p) – with a fruit cup on the side you’ve got a 500 calorie meal. The Deluxe version with no cheese is just 10 calories more if you want to get in some added nutrients from lettuce and tomato.  With cheese the calorie count increases to 500-530 depending on what kind of cheese you get.

Spicy Chicken Sandwich (460 cal/45c/19f/28p) – the Deluxe with no cheese is again, only 10 calories more for the tomato and lettuce.  The deluxe version with cheese runs between 520-550 calories.  As much as these sandwiches are yummy, I find the 150 calories for the bun isn’t really worth it to me. Personally I’d rather have more chicken or use those calories as a downpayment on some fries.

Chick-fil-A Fries and Sides that can be worked into a sub-500 calorie meal

Fruit cup (Small 50 cal/13c/0f/1p -OR- Medium 60 cal/15c/0f/1p) For a 10 calorie difference you might as well go for the medium.

Small Waffle Fry (320 cal/35c/19f/4p) – These are rarely worth it to me, as tasty as they are. But if I’m getting grilled nuggets I can get a small fry and still manage to keep the meal under 500 calories.

You’re reading Macro-friendly Fast Food Orders that Aren’t Salads.


My go-to order: The Spicy Chicken Sandwich – add onion – has almost always been my Wendy’s order, even prior to giving a damn about calories and macros.  It’s just so dang delicious. It clocks in at 500 cal/51c/19f/28p all by itself, so I’ll skip the sides typically.  Save a whopping 60 calories and 6g fat simply by asking for no mayo.  Sometimes I’ll take off half the bun when I receive my order.  The whole bun accounts for 170 cal/31c/2f/5p, so removing ½ I still get the taste of having an actual sandwich and save 85 calories at the same time.

Wendy’s has a lot of burger/sandwich options to choose from under 500 calories. And again, 86 the mayo &/or cheese, or remove part of the bun, to keep calories where you need them to be.

Wendy’s Grilled Chicken under 500 calories

Grilled Jalapeno Popper Sandwich (460 cal/35c/18f/41p) I haven’t actually had this yet, but it sounds amazing.  I’d planned on getting it last weekend, actually, but unfortunately our Wendy’s here is still closed for dine-in. Getting this with grilled chicken saves 140 calories vs crispy chicken.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich (350 cal/35c/8f/33p) I know going grilled when you’re dining out might not be exactly what your taste buds are in the mood for.  I get it. Don’t order this just for the macros if it’s not what you want.  There are plenty of fried chicken options here that won’t break the macro bank.  It just takes a little mindfulness.

Grilled Asiago Ranch Club (490 cal/34c/21f/40p)

Wendy’s Crispy Chicken under 500 calories

Classic Chicken Sandwich (490 cal/49c/21f/28p)

Crispy Chicken BLT (420 cal/35c/23f/19p) While the calories are decent, I don’t think 19g protein is enough for the calories/fat content on this one, but it sounds tasty.

Crispy Chicken Sandwich (340 cal/33c/17f/14p)  Again, the protein is low on this one, but if you’re looking for a low-cal option this could work.

Spicy Chicken Nuggets (4-ct 190 cal/9c/12f/10p -OR- 6-ct 280 cal/13c/18f/15p -OR- 10-ct 470 cal/22c/13f/26p) Fat is up on these babies, but if you did a smaller count you could squeeze in some fries, too, for under 500 calories total.

Rachelle-approved Wendy’s dipping sauces (per 1 pkt): Sweet n Sour 40 cal/10c, BBQ sauce 40 cal/10c, Ketchup 10 cal/3c. Don’t get S’Awesome Sauce, Creamy Sriracha, or Ranch – those will each set you back half the calories and almost just as much fat as a 4-ct nugget.

Crispy Chicken Nuggets (4-ct 180 cal/9c/12f/10p -OR- 6-ct 270 cal/14c/17f/15p -OR- 10-ct 450 cal/23c/29f/25p). See dipping sauce info above.

Wendy’s Burgers under 500 calories

Bacon Double Stack (450 cal/26c/26f/26p) I may need to order this simply because all 3 macro numbers are the same and that pleases me.  I dunno how or why, but it does. I’m weird.

Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger (370 cal/26c/23f/18p) I used to order this a lot back in the day, mostly because I think it’s on their value/dollar menu. Plus it’s yummy and I don’t feel like I have an entire cow sitting in the pit of my stomach when I’m through. It satisfies the need for a greasy burger (with bacon and cheese! I mean, what’s not to like?) without costing me 1000+ calories.

Jr. Cheeseburger Deluxe (340 cal/27c/20f/15p)

Jr. Cheeseburger (290 cal/26c/14f/15p)

Double Stack (410 cal/26c/24f/23p)

Jr. Hamburger (250 cal/25c/11f/13p)

Wendy’s Sides that can be worked into a sub-500 calorie meal

Junior Fries (220 cal/28c/10f/3p) Paired with the Jr. Hamburger you’d have a meal under 500 calories.  If you’re looking at the cheese, chili cheese, pub, or baconator fries just consider that your whole meal. Ha.  Same goes for the baked potato options. Maybe you could get away with a plain one for a side, but the rest are definitely full-meal material if you’re shooting for 500 calories or less.

Chili (small 240 cal/22c/11f/16p -OR- large 340 cal/31c/15f/22p) You could definitely make a meal out of this on its own – particularly if you order the large. You could get a small chili and a junior fry for under 500 cal. Mix ‘em together and boom! Chili fries.  Or you could get a small chili on the side of your Jr. hamburger or cheeseburger and feel nice and full for close to or under 500 calories.  The protein number on the chili is impressive and I really like the taste. Just steer clear of the cheese and crackers.

Apple Bites (35 cal/8c) Always a nice, fresh, low-cal, filling option to complement any sandwich or burger. Especially helpful to have this side option when you’re going for a higher calorie entree.

Seasoned Potatoes (small 230 cal/32c/10f/3p) I didn’t know Wendy’s had this, honestly, but you could make ‘em work with a Jr. burger or chili for under 500 calories.

You’re reading Macro-friendly Fast Food Orders that Aren’t Salads.


My go-to orders: Roast Buffalo Chicken Sandwich (360 cal/36c/14f/24p). It should be no surprise by now that I love buffalo wing sauce.  It makes pretty much everything better.  Except maybe ice cream. Gross.

And sometimes I’m just in the mood for a good ol’ fashioned Classic Beef ‘N Cheddar (450 cal/45c/20f/23p). Nix the cheddar part and order the Classic Roast Beef sandwich (360 cal/37c/14f/23p) for 90 calories less. Dump a packet of Arby’s sauce (15 cal/3c) on it and I don’t even miss the cheese.  Okay, maybe that’s a bit of a fib, but I really like the Arby’s sauce.  I like the Horsey Sauce (60 cal/3c/5f/0p), too, but by the time I add that and a packet of Arby’s sauce I may as well have gotten the beef ‘n cheddar. It just depends on what I’m in the mood for.

Arby’s Roast Beef under 500 calories

Classic Beef ‘N Cheddar (450 cal/45c/20f/23p)

Classic Roast Beef (360 cal/37c/14f/23p)

Jalapeno Roast Beef Slider (220 cal/21c/9f/12p)

Roast Beef Slider (210 cal/21c/9f/12p)

Arby’s Turkey and Chicken Under 500 calories

Roast Turkey Gyro (470 cal/48c/20f/25p)

Roast Turkey Slider (180 cal/21c/5f/13p)

Classic Roast Chicken Sandwich (370 cal/35c/16f/24p)

Roast Buffalo Chicken Sandwich (360 cal/36c/14f/24p)

Roast Chicken Bacon Swiss Sandwich (480 cal/39c/21f/34p)

Buffalo Crispy Chicken Sandwich (500 cal/49c/23f/24p). The Classic Crispy Chicken Sandwich is 10 calories more, putting it juuuuust over 500 calories.

Chicken Tenders (3-piece 370 cal/28c/18f/23p) Again, steer clear of honey mustard (140 cal) and ranch (100 cal) for dipping. Stick to Arby’s Sauce (15 cal/3c per pkt), BBQ (40 cal/9c per pkt), and Buffalo (10 cal/2c/1f/0p per pkt).

Buffalo Chicken Slider (300 cal/31c/14f/12p)

Chicken Slider (270 cal/30c/11f/13p)

Arby’s Sliders

Sliders Any 1 slider will be well below 500 calories, but 1 slider does not a meal make. Haha  If you’re gonna go for 2, mix-and-match them to fit your calories. Getting just 1 slider, however, is a great option if you want to “splurge” on the curly fries. Because, curly fries.

Buffalo Chicken 300 cal/31c/14f/12p

Chicken 270 cal/30c/11f/13p

Pizza 280 cal/22c/16f/12p

Ham 200 cal/22c/7f/11p

Jalapeno Roast Beef 220 cal/21c/9f/12p

Roast Beef 210 cal/21c/9f/12p

Roast Turkey 180 cal/21c/5f/13p

Arby’s Fries that can be worked into a sub-500 calorie meal

Curly Fries (snack size, aka smaller than small, 250 cal/29c/13f/3p) Ordering a small size will jump you up to 410 calories in a single bound. The Arby’s crinkle cut fries, while far inferior to curly fries, are comparable macros.  So pick your poison.

To make fries work while still keeping things under 500 calories, your only real option, besides making a meal out of fries alone, is to order a more modestly macro’ed slider and the snack size fries.  Which is basically ordering a kid’s meal with a diet pop instead of milk. I’m certainly not above an order such as that at my ripe old age of 37. I’m sure these portions are going to look and feel small, so make sure it’s worth it to you and you’re armed with lighter whole foods to fill in any hunger gaps as time goes on so you don’t reach for more junk.

Arby’s Nutrition PDF (2018)

Okay, okay, sometimes you actually do want a salad

I totally get the feeling of wanting a light, fresh, crunchy salad, especially on a hot summer day.  So, sure, sometimes you’ll want a salad.  This is where the real work comes in, if it’s worth that much to you to order the salad.  There are a lot of pieces, parts, toppings, and dressings that go into a salad and you must consider and navigate every single one. Otherwise you’ll think you’re sittin’ pretty with your macros, but you’re really eatin’ ugly. Salads are sneaky and deceiving. Don’t trust them as far as you can toss ‘em.  Get it?

I know this blog post is geared toward Macro-friendly Fast Food Orders that Aren’t Salads, but if you happen to want a salad, I got you covered there, too. See below!

McDonald’s Salads and Dressings for Under 500 calories

McDonald’s Chicken Caesar Salad (no dressing) – 161 cal/6c/4f/26p. Y’all, these numbers are good.  Like, you could just order two of these and have a 322 calorie, 52g protein meal.  However, there’s no dressing. If you’re thinking ahead, you could always bring a serving of Bolthouse Farms Caesar dressing, or any fat free or light dressing, from home. These portable dressing containers would be great for this.

If this is a spur of the moment, unexpected drive-thru, get a honey mustard packet for 60 cal/6c/3.5f/0p. Or a buffalo sauce packet for 30 cal/1c/3f/0p. Wing sauce is good on basically everything. These options will keep the salad super light and tasty, without going for the massive packet of fat – I mean, Newman’s Own Caesar dressing. No, seriously. 1 packet is worth a whopping 240 calories and TWENTY-FIVE grams of fat. Don’t do it. Step away.

McDonald’s Garden Salad w/Warm Crispy Chicken (no dressing) – 352 cal/29c/15f/24p.  Nice calorie count and decent macros with this one.  Lil more fat than the Chicken Caesar, but fried chicken can satisfy the craving for greasy, hot fast food better than cold, grilled, strips sometimes.  Again, go with a small sauce packet over the big packets of salad dressing, or use/bring your own at/from home.

Chick-fil-A Salads and Dressings for Under 500 calories

Chick-fil-A Spicy Southwest Salad with Spicy Grilled Chicken (no dressing) – 400 cal/27c/18f/32p. You guys, with the included 290 calorie creamy salsa dressing packet, this salad packs a 690 calorie punch.  Considering that, plus the FORTY-NINE grams of fat, the 33g of protein isn’t even impressive.

Choose your dressings wisely!  Instead, get the light Italian for 25 calories, the light balsamic vinaigrette for 80 calories, or the fat free honey mustard for 90 calories.  Don’t sprinkle on the tortilla strips or pepitas and save another 150 calories. Alternatively, just put half of each on your salad to get the texture and flavors, but cut the calorie total by 75. The salad, with tortilla strips and pepitas, without dressing, is 400 cal/27c/18f/32p. With the right dressing, more than likely you can afford to keep the tortilla strips and pepitas. But make it fit into your day however you need to.

Chick-fil-A Cobb Salad with Nuggets (no dressing) – 540 cal/32c/29f/41p.  Again, the avocado lime ranch dressing is a macro murderer at 310 cal/2c/32f/1p.  Don’t do it. Get a lighter option (listed above) and I guarantee you’ll be just as happy and satisfied.  If it’s really a non-negotiable for you, please at least only use ⅓ of the packet or something. I’m begging you.

Leave the crispy bell peppers in their lil baggy and save another 80 cal/6c/6f/1p, getting this salad under 500 calories. Also, the default is regular Chick-fil-A nuggets on this one. You could save some calories and fat, and add some protein, by getting grilled nuggets or a grilled filet instead.

Wendy’s Salads and Dressings for under 500 calories

Wendy’s Parmesan Caesar Salad (with dressing) – 440 cal/7c/28f/42p.  No tweaking required for this guy! The dressing macros aren’t as appalling as some at 140 cal/2c/14f/1p (included above).  You could go for a lighter dressing if you wanted and significantly lower the fat total. The only light-ish dressing option at Wendy’s is the pomegranate vinaigrette at 90 cal/16c/3f/0p.

Wendy’s Southwest Avocado Salad (no dressing) – 420 cal/12c/25f/39p. The fat is already decently high without the dressing on this one. I know, I know, avocado is good fats, blah blah, whatever. But still, whether it’s good or “bad”, it’s still fat. Order the pomegranate vinaigrette dressing rather than the southwest ranch and save yourself 50 calories and 11g fat.  Again, if the dressing makes the salad for you, just use ⅓ to ½ the packet instead.  You’ll still get the flavor without all the fat.

Arby’s Salads and Dressings for Under 500 calories

Arby’s Crispy Chicken Entree Salad (no dressing) – 430 cal/27c/25f/28p. Order it with light Italian dressing for just 20 cal/2c/1f/0p.

Arby’s Roast Chicken Entree Salad (no dressing) – 250 cal/8c/14f/25p. If it’s worth 130 calories and 12g fat to you, order the balsamic vinaigrette. If it were me, I’d rather get the crispy chicken entree salad listed above with the light Italian for 1g of fat less.

You’re reading Macro-friendly Fast Food Orders that Aren’t Salads.

So there you have it!

I’ve listed lots of options from 4 uber popular, on every corner, fast food restaurants to help keep you on track with your fitness, macro, and weight loss goals when life gets crazy.  Like it tends to do, you know.

What’s your favorite fast food restaurant and your go-to order?  I’d love to hear it in the comments!  Connect with me on Instagram to follow my fitness journey and see what and how I eat on a daily basis. Don’t forget to save this post to your Pinterest board for future reference.  Happy eating!

I started my fitness journey with SWEAT and focus on nutrition when my daughter (kid #2 of 2) was 3 months old. Here is progress from 10 months into my journey to 2 years and 10 months into my journey. See full Instagram post and caption HERE.

Thanks for reading Macro-friendly Fast Food Orders that Aren’t Salads!

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