Tips to Drink More Water

Drinking more water seems to be a common goal in the fitness community. And for good reason! I won’t bore you with all the benefits, suffice to say there are many. Google them if you’d like, but chances are you know you should drink your water and probably need to up your intake. The old rule of thumb has always […]

Don’t Diet and Exercise

The sheer thought of diet and exercise makes most people cringe. When you hear “diet and exercise” you think “deprive and punish.” At least that’s what those of us that have always been on a weight loss roller coaster think. A diet is a temporary means to weight loss. Exercise is what you do when you feel guilty. Diet and […]

One Day is ONE Day.

I’ve been a little down on myself this week. I look and feel bloated. I’ve had a few too many handfuls of empty carb snacks like cereal, tortilla chips, and vanilla wafers here and there, and a bit more chocolate than I should. 😒 But I’ve also eaten yogurt for breakfasts, salads for lunches, and decently healthy dinners all week. […]