Top 5 Productivity Boosting Tips

My Top 5 Productivity Boosting Tips: How to Get More Done! Life gets busy.  It can get downright overwhelming some days. Somehow, some way, I manage to get a lot accomplished and stay on top of the tasks, errands, and chores that demand my time and attention.  I’m not saying I do it all and do it all well, every […]

Forming a Habit has No Deadline

A quick Google search on how long it takes to form a habit will have your head reeling with contradicting numbers.  Is it 21?  No, 30. Wait, 66!  Oh shit, 254 days??? I’m not one to call bullshit on science.  I vaccinate. I have a biochemistry degree. Evolution looks damn legit for a theory. Pretty sure the earth is round […]

Some People Aren’t Worth It

  Sometimes you run into those people in your lifetime who you just can’t quite understand how they have survived this far. Whether it’s because they’re mind-numbingly dumb, or they take 1st place in the rude race, or they are 100% certifiably crazy. In real estate I come across just about every kind of person there is. And of course that […]