Stay on Track with These 6 Diet and Exercise Tips

Wanna look good and feel good? Me, too. But it’s hard.  I just worked my butt off for the past week and lost zero pounds- in fact, I gained half a pound. Grr. It’s easy to get discouraged but the rewards of sticking with it are worth the time and effort. I made a list of things that help me push through the torturous quest to a fit, or at least non-fat, life. There are gonna be ups and downs, both mentally and on the scale. The only way to succeed is to celebrate the ups and stay focused through the downs…and vice-versa. Woah, that’s a thinker and a lil trippy. Not gonna lie, the up-down thing just threw me for a loop. But I digress.  Tips that help keep me going:

1. Get Naked. I strip down and check myself out in the mirror right before I weigh-in. If I think I look a lil tubby and I weigh-in heavy at least I’m expecting it, and if I weigh-in light I’m pleasantly surprised. If I think I look kinda slammin’ and I weigh-in heavy at least I feel decent about how I look, and if I weigh in light it’s a win-win. Maybe it sounds silly but I swear it keeps me sane and semi-ok with whatever the scale comes at me with.

2. Drink Water. It’s a “duh” thing, but it’s not something everyone does regularly. Water tides you over between meals or snacks, it keeps you hydrated so you have energy to get through the day, and best of all it’s free! Unless you’re a bottled water snob, which is cool, it’s just gonna cost you more. Snob.  If plain old water doesn’t float your boat (see what I did there?), try some add-ins like fruit infusions or Crystal Light. Crystal Light is only 10 cal per single-serving pack, and I know fruit adds calories, but it’s so few I say it’s negligible.  Here’s a site I came across on Pinterest with a list of a bunch of infused water combos: 50 Awesome Flavored Water Ideas

3. Keep Track. Whatever you’re doing and whatever your goal, track it. I document my weight, workouts, and calories. MyFitnessPal is great for this (add me! Roach621), but I also have a physical piece of paper I write things down on. Like a cave person. My phone also has a great calendar app but I still tote my planner around with me all day long. I have a thing about actually writing stuff in ink, I guess. I am also the To-Do List Queen – I’ll add stuff the list just so I can check it off.  Here’s what my hard copy fitness tracking pages look like since I started: And yes, now you know how much I weigh! Keep in mind I’m 5’8″, Judgy McJudgerson. Anyway, I think it’s nice to have things right in front of me without searching or scrolling through my phone. Except Facebook. I’ll scroll that sh!t all day long. But to each their own- find a system that works for you and use it. Being able to see where you’ve been and where you’re going is powerful and motivating.

4. Brush Early
. When my willpower is dwindling and I want to eat all the things in the evening hours, I’ll go brush my teeth. This helps me stay away from food &/or booze because 1) nothing tastes good after that, and 2) I’m too lazy to want to re-brush before bed. A good brushing can be the last line of defense between you and Twinkies &/or wine when your willpower clocks out for the night, plus it’s dentist-recommended.

5. Research Restaurants. You would be surprised at how much nutritional info is available online for all types of restaurants.  Whether it’s fast-food or sit-down, there’s a good chance you can find it online.  Back in the flip-phone days I had a 3-ring binder of nutritional info printouts in my car and a little notebook in my purse that I hand wrote which meals I could eat guilt-free at which restaurants along with the calorie info. Nowadays you can easily look it all up as you go on your smartphone.  This way you can enjoy going out to eat without feeling like a fat@$$ or having regret. You can even build your own meal and lower the calories/fat/whatever by changing up sides, toppings, and condiments.  Honestly, you may THINK you’re doing awesome my ordering the salad, but in reality you’re better off getting the burger after you see how deceivingly calorific that “innocent” pile of lettuce is. It’s the sad truth, so take a minute and make a smart, informed choice.

6. Workout in the Morning
. Don’t get me wrong, whenever you will exercise is the best time to exercise. So if you strongly disagree with this because afternoons or evenings are clearly the best, you’re right! For me, if I don’t work out in the morning chances are I’m not working out. I gotta get it in before I’m tired and run down after a long day or before my evenings fill up with last minute real estate appointments and showings. Not only are mornings best for me to actually get workouts in, but working out in the A.M. sets the tone for my whole day. I’m more energetic and more motivated to eat healthy the rest of the day. I’m stoked that my workout is done and behind me so I’m not dreading doing it all day long or worried that I may not get one in.  It’s a load off!
Weight-loss and being healthy isn’t brain surgery,  but it does suck sometimes. It’s soooo easy to fall off the wagon or lose sight of why you’re doing it. These tips may not work for everyone, or anyone for that matter, but they help me so I thought I’d share. Happy health-ing!

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