My Kayla Itsines BBG (Bikini Body Guide) Progress Update – Week 24

My Kayla Itsines BBG (Bikini Body Guide) Progress Update – Week 24

Okay, so months have flown by since I posted my BBG (Bikini Body Guide) Round 1 progress. How do you mom bloggers make time for creating posts with mini psychopaths demanding and/or spilling food and/or pissing and/or shitting their drawers and/or needing your undivided attention all the time? #respect 🙌

I have now completed my 2nd round of BBG 1.0 and I’m on my final week of my first round of BBG 2.0. But I haven’t written anything besides my dopey IG posts since I finished my first 12-week round. Whoopsie. Anyway, if you’re not sure what BBG is, it is a program and community built by a personal trainer named Kayla Itsines and stands for Bikini Body Guide.

Sure, maybe it seems like “just another fitness program” and I’m fairly certain my husband doesn’t even understand what it’s all about or why I’ve latched onto it like I have. On the outside looking in you don’t see the inspirational women showing up everyday not only for themselves, but for the rest of the BBG community. You don’t see the uplifting posts, the encouragement, or the self-love spreading from one BBGer to another like a wonderful, contagious disease.

And these IG ladies are COMPLETE STRANGERS. I don’t know most of their actual names, just their IG handles. I don’t know where many of them live or much else about their lives. Some I’ve never even seen their faces because they don’t include them in their pics. But they continue to show up day after day for themselves and for the rest of us.

Seeing other women in all different seasons of life – working women, stay-at-home women, mothers, new moms, students, young women, not-so-young women, women struggling with depression or anxiety or eating disorders – in all different stages of their fitness journeys SHOW UP despite all the bullshit (because we allllll have it, ladies), is just incredible. It makes ME fight that much harder for MY time and MY workouts.

So, I’ll get off my BBG soap-box and get on to the progress pics. I posted my 12-week progress pics in this post:  I actually unlink this blog from the Facebook page for this blog when I post because it’s weird to think of acquaintances, past clients, old coworkers, friends, my family, my husband’s family, etc seeing these.  It’s so much easier to have strangers on the internet see this stuff than, like, my dad. Maybe he’s seen ’em and is just kind enough to pretend he hasn’t. lol

Without further adieu, here are my 24-week progress shots:

Below I’ve included my 12-week progress pic to show how my body changed from one round to the next.

I’m still so proud of how far I’ve come from the Pre-BBG picture at 3 months postpartum. This 3rd round I’m currently finishing up overlapped with all holidays 🎃🦇🦃🥧🎅🎄 and I do it up right 🍷🍺🥃 so I’m not expecting much improvement in my 36 week pictures. In fact, I’m expecting a few steps backward…but I’m still proud and looking forward to starting the next 12 weeks next week!

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