3 Nutrition Tips You NEED to Know for Weight Loss

3 Nutrition Tips You NEED to Know for Weight Loss

3 Nutrition Tips You Need to Know for Weight Loss

When it comes to how to lose weight, there’s a lot of nonsense out there

Do I need to list off my credentials, or will the age old “it’s on the internet so it must be true” thing hold water here?  Seriously, some of you believe anything and everything you read online, no questions asked! You know that anyone can post anything they want, right?  Most of the time they’re trying to sell you something, so truth be damned! Especially when what they’re selling is the promise of a flat stomach, thigh gap, and sculpted arms. Influencers and hack journalists alike will publish anything to get a few likes, bait a few clicks, and make a few bucks off desperate weight loss hopefuls.

Don’t fall victim to the bullshit out there. There is a LOT of it.  You can’t go for an innocent Pinterest walk down Finding-a-Recipe Lane without stepping in some.  She did not go from 100 lbs overweight to having a sexy lil 6-pack in 2 weeks. He did not suddenly become ripped because he started taking echinacea pills with his daily family-sized bag of Doritos and 64-oz Mountain Dew. Sorry, not sorry.  Come on, people, use some common sense and do what I do when presented with such nonsense – scoff, roll your eyes, and scroll the heck on knowing you’re better and smarter than that.

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I won’t BS you

If my background and status (or lack thereof) should tell you anything, it’s that I am telling you the truth.  Try as I might to get my blog to take off or my Instagram to gain followers, I’m just not sexy enough.  I’m not talking about my appearance – well, okay, I’m not talking only about my appearance.  I mean I just don’t put the right spin on things to appeal to the masses.  Fancy filters, beautiful decor, perfectly manicured nails and done-up hair, stylish outfits, appetizing plates of food…it’s just not me. I may not have the visual presentation to catch everyone’s envious eye, and I know I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, but you know what?

I’ve successfully lost and kept off 30 pounds as a normal, run of the mill, stay-at-home mom who suffers from depression and anxiety. I completely altered my body composition postpartum through sleepless nights, round-the-clock nursing, countless tantrums, and endless housework. Last year I became both a Certified Personal Trainer and a Certified Nutrition Coach, and this year I obtained my Corrective Exercise Specialist Designation.  I’m not telling you this to sell you a program or a plan. Because I don’t have either of those things to even offer you.  Someday, perhaps, but not today.  I’m telling you all this so that maybe you can relate to me, or trust me, or both.

Can’t tell you how many Mondays I’ve missed or how many times I decided to start fresh tomorrow.⁣ – You’re not a failure for going off plan, missing a workout, or eating for comfort.⁣ – You’re not a quitter for taking time off, gaining weight, or shifting your priorities.⁣ **Click HERE for Full Instagram Post and Caption**

I want to see you succeed

I don’t have a business, but I know what I’m talking about. And for the last couple years I’ve been in the business of sharing my story, what I eat, and how I train through my fitness Instagram page, and this blog.

The thanks and gratitude I get from kind souls and strangers on the internet give me the warm fuzzies. Women thank me for my weight loss approach, attitude, and mindset. They appreciate my reminders and ideas, and ask me for advice. The ones who take my advice get results. It’s pretty incredible, despite my modest following.

That’s why you should listen to me, too.  Not only will you get the results you seek, but you’ll get them while still enjoying and living your life!  So listen to what I have to say to help you along your weight loss journey. Below are my 3 top nutrition tips, and they are absolutely key for anyone looking to lose weight and live a healthier life. Read them, internalize them, practice them…and get results.

The Top 3 Nutrition Tips You NEED to Know for Weight Loss

1. Prioritize protein, fruits, and veggies.

First things first, identify whole foods and lean protein options you like. Then try different ways of preparing those foods until you figure out your favorite. No need to pull a Kevin Malone and be force fed raw broccoli stalk-first here, people (#8, 2:18 into the YouTube link). Think about what you enjoy eating, list foods out by meal, then jot down a higher protein, lower calorie option, that you could also see yourself eating, next to it.

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For example, if you write down that you love making and eating cheesy scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast, start brainstorming and finding lighter substitutes that still satisfy your cravings. Like so:

  • Replace all or all but one whole egg with liquid egg whites.
  • Swap out full fat cheese for reduced fat or fat free American cheese singles, fat free shredded cheddar, or a light laughing cow cheese wedge.
  • Find bread that is 30-70 calories per slice, and toast up 1 slice instead of 2. 
  • Put either light butter or some spritzes of 0-calorie spray butter instead of full fat butter on your toast.
  • Add some tomatoes, onions, and peppers to those egg whites, and load up your plate with a side of berries for lots of volume and little calories.
  • Throw a link of turkey or chicken sausage on your plate.

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These simple swaps will save you a crazy amount of calories, keep you full, and satisfy your tastebuds. Voila! A filling, savory breakfast fit for a lean, health conscious king! Revel in the fact that you just lightened up your ideal breakfast, increased your intake of protein, fruits, and veggies, and still managed to eat what you want and enjoy! You can do this brainstorming with any meal or dish and happily eat your way to weight loss.

Ideal breakfast made with healthy swaps! (missing fruit because we just got back from a trip and hadn’t been grocery shopping yet)
What the ideal breakfast could have amounted to without mindfully choosing lighter options. **Click HERE to view full Instagram Post and Caption for this breakfast comparison**

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2. Be mindful of portion control.

Do what you gotta do to keep your servings reasonable. Maybe it’s buying food in individually sized packages. It could mean counting, weighing, and measuring your food until you’re confident enough to eyeball portion sizes.

Simply plating your food instead of eating straight from the fridge or package can make a big impact. Box up half your meal as soon as it comes to the table when dining out.

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Eat slowly and listen to your body’s hunger cues. Stop when you’re satisfied, and before you feel uncomfortably full. There are lots of ways and opportunities to keep portions under control. A little awareness and mindfulness can go a long way! 

When I started my fitness journey, 3 months postpartum with baby #2, I didn’t measure or log my food.  I lost 20 pounds by eating mindfully, and then progress stagnated.  When I started tracking my calories and protein I lost another 10 pounds. Ten pounds that I really had no intention of losing in the first place dropped off relatively quickly. Clearly even my mindful portions of certain foods – *cough* peanut butter…*cough cough* wine…*cough* hummus – had been too much too often to continue seeing progress.

Ermegerrrrd look at that mountain of hummus LOL. But plating it was a WIN! “Smarter choice tonight! Rather than bringing the whole freaking box of crackers and big ol tub of hummus over to the recliner…” **CLICK HERE TO VIEW FULL IG POST AND CAPTION**

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All this to say that logging food can make a significant difference in your weight loss progress and achievement of fitness goals. Not only can it help you to not eat too much to see weight loss, but it also helps you eat enough to properly fuel your body and daily activities. When you’re eating enough, life is better. When life is good it’s a heck of a lot easier to stick with the plan and trust the process.

Keep reading to find out #3 of The 3 Nutrition Tips You NEED to Know for Weight Loss!

3. Cut back on liquid calories.

Don’t get me wrong, I would like to down a Venti Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino every day of fall just as much as the “nextra” person (see what I did there?). But for over 500 calories a pop, it’s just not worth it to me. I’d rather spend those calories on a Chipotle burrito bowl or a massive bowl of light ice cream with yummy toppings.

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Sure, a fancy shmancy cocktail with a lil umbrella and enough sugar to kill an elephant looks fun and tastes like candy, but I’ll save myself hundreds of calories by drinking a rum and coke zero with skinny mixes cherry syrup, or vodka and diet tonic or diet ginger beer with lime. Think of all the pretzels, tortilla chips, or actual candy you can snack on for that calorie difference!

Non-diet soda, cream and sugar with a splash of coffee, full-fat milk, calorie-laden energy drinks…they’re all so unnecessary! I mean, never say never, but like, at least say almost never for this kinda crap.

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There’s always a lighter option or healthy swap available, so take that route the vast majority of the time. Basically every time. Choices that support your weight loss goals are out there, so find them and make them! Look at nutrition facts and labels and make informed decisions.

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You can do this

There are plenty more valuable nutrition tips that will shift your weight loss into high gear, but these 3 are crucial, and will get you off to a great start!

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Take a second to notice how simple these tips really are! With a few minor adjustments and a bit of patience you can easily master each and every one of them. Set goals for yourself realistically. Focus on your mundane daily habits rather than a dreamy number on the scale without any plan on how to get there.

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That’s how I lost 30 pounds – by focusing on my seemingly inconsequential daily routine. Living with intention makes the magic happen. Your health and weight loss is the result of each small choice you make throughout the day, day in and day out.

What are your favorite nutrition and weight loss tips? Drop a comment below to share it with me and fellow readers. When it comes to weight loss, everyone could use a bit of guidance, amiright?!

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postpartum fitness journey with the sweat app
Letting my Self go was easy. ⁣⁣
I was selfless and lost my Self. ⁣⁣
I gave all I had and gave up my Self. ⁣⁣
I was torn in all directions and my Self fell apart.⁣⁣
I saw to everything else until I couldn’t see my Self any longer.⁣⁣
Taking my Self back has been exquisite.⁣⁣
Holding onto my Self has been empowering.⁣⁣ **View full Instagram Caption and Post Here**

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