My Kelsey Wells’ PWR Program 6 Month Progress and Review

As mentioned in my Kayla Itsines’ BBG 60 week review post, I’ve been doing a different program within the Sweat app since mid-July 2019.  I’m currently on my…32nd?…week of the PWR Program.

What is PWR?  PWR is a weight-training focused program within the Sweat app, created by the oh-so-inspirational trainer Kelsey Wells.

How is PWR set up?  This varies depending on the week you are in, but typically there are 2 Activations (2 usually body weight only exercises repeated for as many laps you can fit in 4 minutes), 3 Pyramids (3-4 sets of decreasing reps of 3 different lifts), either Supersets or Trisets (as many rounds as possible, aka AMRAP, of 2 or 3 exercises/lifts for time OR a prescribed number of sets to complete without a timer), plus 2 Burnouts (60 seconds of each exercise/lift). There are up to 6 resistance sessions offered each week, with 2 typically being “optional.”

How long are PWR Workouts? PWR workouts have taken me anywhere from 35 min to 60 min to complete, and typically take about 45 minutes.

How does PWR differ from BBG?  BBG is two 7-minute AMRAP circuits repeated twice for a total of 28-minutes (plus 30-60 seconds rest between circuits). BBG assigns 3 “required” resistance sessions weekly. Both programs consist of a number of 12-week rounds.  I think BBG is up to 8.0 and PWR is up to 4.0 as of right now.

Why I started PWR.  I had been curious about the program since I started BBG, but at the time I was honestly lucky to fit in my 30 minutes of BBG 3x/week.  The longer workouts and increased resistance requirements really deterred me, as I was working around the schedules and needs of a 3-month old and a 3-year old when I started.  Not to mention, the ease of doing BBG in any room of the house with little to no equipment was one of the biggest benefits for me when I had the littles to tend to and keep an eye on.

As time went on, however, I started to get a little more freedom (you know, that “it gets easier” BS new moms hear too often).  For instance, now my son doesn’t nap anymore and my daughter is down to 1 nap daily.  Also, I stopped nursing when my daughter was 10 months old.  Plus, overnight sleep slowly improved (still crap some nights, but that’s life). I was 14 months into BBG and 17 months postpartum and figured I was at a place where I could at least give it a shot. Kelsey Wells had also recently released the first 12 weeks of her PWRathome program so I decided when I couldn’t make it to the gym or was strapped for time at the gym or at home, I’d just do PWRathome on those days. If it was a disaster, BBG was there waiting for me. 🙂

My thoughts on PWR.  I’ve been doing it for 6 months now so I must like it. 😉  I’m totally digging lifting, lifting heavy (heavy for me), and feeling strong AF.  The weight room has never really intimidated me, coming from a decently athletic background from high school on, but I’m definitely more confident and sure of myself in the weights section than I used to be.  I don’t use machines unless the workout calls for them – most everything is done with dumbbells, barbells/racks, and cables.  The actual machines used most often I’d say are leg press, leg extension, and hamstring curl.

When I first started PWR I did sort of miss the intense cardio, oh-my-God-Imma-die, dripping with sweat feeling BBG always delivered.  I don’t typically have that reaction to PWR. It’s slower pace and I find I concentrate on my form and building strength rather than rushing against the clock.  Don’t get me wrong, some of the PWR supersets/trisets definitely bring the cardio and leg day can typically be good for a decent sweat drench.  I’ll admit, though, after 6 months of PWR a BBG workout may actually kill me. 😉  BUT! Today’s PWR workout called for burpees with tuck jumps (3×10) and I destroyed them without rest or slow jerky movements. I felt like a damn queen.  A buff one with servants and all that shit.  So, maybe if I tried a BBG workout -you know, for fun haha – I may make it through after all.

Progress Pictures. And what’s a fitness review without showing progress!  In conjunction with a change in how I eat – will post about that later – I have had amazing results since starting the PWR program.  Starting at my “happy” weight, I’ve since lost 10 more pounds and my body composition has changed quite a bit. Whether or not the photos do it justice, I’m proud of where I am and how I got here. And I’m excited about where my PWR journey will continue to take me.

Start of PWR (after 60 weeks of BBG) –> 6 months of PWR

July 2019 –> January 2020

PWR progress Jan 2020 1PWR progress Jan 2020 2

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